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  • Loans bad credit up to $1,000
  • Flexible loan repayment period
  • Low interest rates

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About Cigno

If bad credit is stifling your financial progress, you do not have to worry.

Cigno the short-term loan specialist, has a plan for anyone battling to access extra cash as a result of a poor credit rating. Cigno is a super-fast and efficient way for Australians to access bad credit loans for any emergency projects that might crop up from time to time. The online portal is the go-to specialist people turn to for easy-to-procure loans in the credit lending market, even when they have a poor credit record with the credit bureau.

The simple loan application process 

The company engages with a host of lenders in their network, and provides loans to people with poor credit, on a 24-hour basis. The online company’s highly qualified financial services staffers guarantee clients service of the highest standards.

All of their agents comply with the necessary qualifications criteria of the country’s Finance Act. Cigno’s big drawcard is that an applicant’s chances of securing any short-term loan are made easy via a simple click of a mouse and the company ensures the process is as easy as 1-2-3.

Bad credit applicants

Bad credit applicants can click on the link provided on the portal cignoloans.com.au to stake their claim for a personal loan online. Cigno ensures ease-of-use of their loan application system through an easy three-step process. Once an applicant clicks on the Bad Credit link on the website, all they have to do is fill in the amount of the loan, contact, and postal address details.

Cigno Services

Cigno is committed to securing loans for clients with a bad credit record.

Loans with no credit check 

An unpaid bill or bankruptcy that led to a client’s bad credit record is not an issue for Cigno. The company will act on its client’s behalf to access bad credit loans at a desirable interest rate.

Small loans for bad credit 

It can be frustrating when clients have to go from pillar to post to access loans from banks, which may consistently reject their loan applications.  The online lending companies are experts at achieving and bidding for small loans for people with bad credit, hence their high approval rating.    

Loans while on Centrelink

Clients who have a bad credit background and are being helped by Centrelink, are no hurdle at all as far as Cigno is concerned. The company has an open line of communication with lenders who assist Centrelink customers with bad credit and, therefore, Cigno has the negotiating leverage to assist these types of clients in need.

Applications can be made for this type of credit judgment-free. There is no excessive paperwork and information analysis when applying for a loan with Cigno’s assistance. All that is needed is the client’s address, contact details, and a 90-day bank statement.

Cigno – Bad credit loan

  • Loan Type Loans bad credit
  • Loan Amount up to $1,000

Benefits of Cigno

  • Quick and easy online application
  • Fast loan approval
  • Low interest rates

Bad credit loan calculator

The interest rate of a loan will vary based on your credit score and risk profile.
This loan calculator is for illustration purposes only.
The use of this quick loans calculator is subject to our terms of use.

Quick and easy loan application

The company keeps clients updated on a 24-hour basis regarding progress with any application and will inform them should there be any extra documentation required.

Cigno staff is focused on supplying all applicant details to lenders as quickly as possible, hence they only ask bad credit loan clients for the information needed. Cigno promises to keep all data safe and secure.

The client is given a host of loan options to choose from once Cigno has negotiated with the lender.  The company makes sure there are no unnecessary charges that will make the bad credit loan too expensive. Cigno has no surprises or secret agendas in store for clients, the process is transparent. Extra costs are dependent on the easy online loan options chosen.    

Once all this information is presented to loan applicants, there is no obligation to proceed with the loan until the client enters into the agreement. There are two components to the costs, and this information can be accessed on the bad credit loans link on the website.

The personal loan credit plan 

Whether clients are paid their salaries at month-end, weekly or fortnightly, Cigno can structure a repayment plan for them. Bad credit loans are subject to higher interest rates, compared to a personal loan. However, Cigno has the ability to negotiate with lenders in the market for a repayment plan that suits the client’s needs.

A qualified company agent will respond within 24-hours to discuss the application with the client. Cigno Premium Service allows clients to use a company agent to negotiate with market lenders on their behalf to help them secure the best bad credit loan for their needs.

Feeling the squeeze with household debt due to bad credit? No problem at all. Cigno will taper a payment plan in line with any client’s financial capacity, should he or she qualify for a bad credit loan. Cigno encourages clients to settle the monthly debt if they receive a bad credit loan, via debit order.  This means an amount is deducted by the lender from the client’s bank account immediately when he or she gets paid.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

January 2019

I’ve been using Cigno for years they have been very helpful; even when you hit hard times about repayments they are willing to help. I will use them more often and I am still using them up till n...

Carlos J
— Sydney —

June 2019

CIGNO has been nothing but a pleasure to deal with. Extremely professional and amazing service. I highly recommend them above others. I don’t say this lightly as, I am a BAS Agent and deal with c...

Monique J
— Perth —

February 2020

Very excellent service. Helped me a lot with this money. I have had a few loans before and that is why I applied and they approved all very quickly. I will be applying again when I finish my loa...

Keagan J
— Perth —

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