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  • Payday loans up to $1,000
  • Flexible loan repayment period
  • Low interest rates

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About Cigno

Cigno built its foundations on understanding and empathy.

They understand that financial challenges can affect anyone and everyone needs help from time to time. It does not matter what circumstances you find yourself in; if you need a loan, Cigno will try to help you.

Their network of payday lenders considers all applications from clients whether they are working, unemployed, on benefits, or retired. All clients from any walk of life are treated, with the same respect.

Get instant cash

The whole problem with needing emergency funds is that there are not many ways to get the cash exactly when you need it. Waiting for days or even weeks is not something that Cigno wants for its clients. Thanks to their online platform, which operates 24/7 and can be accessed from anywhere globally.

Cigno’s online platform allows Australians to apply for a loan online from their home comfort or even while abroad for work. Applications received after 5.00 pm AEST will receive funds by the following day.

Whenever clients find themselves unable to get through the month until the next payday, they can now consider getting a payday loan. The loan consists of a small amount of money used to cover urgent expenses. When the next payday comes by, clients need to repay their payday loans. Payday loans are perfect for covering unexpected costs that need to be paid right now.

Cigno Services

Cigno understands that clients have different reasons for getting a payday loan.

Some might need it for piling up bills, and others might need to buy clothing for school for their children; whatever the reason, Cigno has a short-term solution to help.

Small payday loans

Some clients might need money to help them get through the last week of the month or even a few days. Small payday loans are perfect for clients in this position.

Payday loans for unemployed people

Cigno understands what a challenge a transition between jobs can be. Some banks and lenders are reluctant to help when they don’t have enough proof and paperwork. Cigno can help with a short-term payday loan for unemployed Australians. They understand that clients need money to survive until they get their next paycheck. Cigno will work with the client to set terms that work with the client’s schedule.

Same day payday loans

Clients who are looking for a Payday loan already don’t have time to wait for the approval. Cigno assists clients to get their payday loan within 24 hours of applying for it. Clients can now eliminate their debt sooner rather than later with the help of Cigno.

Cigno – Payday loan

  • Loan Type Payday loans
  • Loan Amount up to $1,000

Benefits of Cigno

  • Quick and easy online application
  • Fast loan approval
  • Low interest rates

Payday loan calculator

The interest rate of a loan will vary based on your credit score and risk profile.
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Quick and easy loan access

Getting a payday loan from a bank when on Centrelink can be a frustrating process. Cigno can help make this process smoother by helping their client find a lender that offers payday loans specifically for Centrelink customers.

If a client needs money but is unsure how their credit record will affect their application, Cigno can help them find a provider that works with bad credit. Cigno also helps clients avoid rejections from lenders by assessing and optimizing their application first before submitting it to a lender. Clients must know that it’s essential to keep loan applications and rejections at a minimum. Lenders can record rejections which can affect a client's credit record. 

No credit checks

Some clients have a bad credit record due to past difficulties but can now afford to repay their debt. Cigno understands that clients with a patchy history also need help, and as their agent, they can help them find payday loans with no credit checks. They regularly assist customers with applying for short-term payday loans with no credit checks.

Cigno acts as your agent

Instead of leaving the client on their vices to find a loan, Cigno acts as an agent and assists them in finding a loan, applying for it, and getting it approved. As soon as the lender approves the client’s payday loan application, the money is typically made available on the same day. The client then sets up repayment for the loan that naturally aligns with the next payday.

Fees on a payday loan

Each online payday loan gets designed according to how much the client needs and how much they can afford. As soon as they apply, they receive the relevant information about fees and costs.

Payday loan repayments

Part of the application process involves choosing a repayment schedule that works according to the client’s payday. Clients need to select a repayment schedule that they can afford while still paying for ongoing expenses. If clients struggle to make their repayment when required, they can simply contact Cigno, and they will help arrange a new affordable payment schedule.

Loan application requirements

Cigno only requires basic personal details such as the client’s address, contact details, and 90 days bank statement. If they need additional information, they will contact the client personally. All client information is handled safely and securely.

Cigno helps its clients get access to short-term loans for up to $1,000. Simply fill out the easy online application form, and Cigno will take care of the rest. They do their best to ensure that the client has the best chance of a successful outcome from a lender. Cigno will assess the client’s needs, income, and expenses and help them find a loan that matches their needs.

Benefits of getting a loan 

Cigno’s services are deemed the fastest and easiest way to apply for and receive a short-term payday loan. Clients will never have to wait in a queue or be put on hold again, thanks to the easy-to-use online application system, no more waiting days for approval or even weeks for your money.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

May 2019

I have only experienced great service from Cigno, and I highly recommend them! The team members are all very professional and friendly. Thanks for being there Cigno, I will definitely use your se...

Oliver M
— Perth —

October 2020

I was delighted with how easy it was to apply for my payday loan. It took a few minutes to fill out my information, and within a day, Cigno helped me find a loan and get my money. I would recomme...

Klue L
— Sydney —

November 2020

The service by Cigno was completely upfront and honest from the start. They truly have no hidden costs. Thank you for saving my finances during a tough month.

Black C
— Perth —

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